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Spruntrop by VaughnJustice
put spruntrop in smush becaus he's gud fighter.

This is my very first edit, if there is something wrong with this edit, don't worry. I'll fix it!

I don't own Five Night's at Freddy's or any of it's content.
Parents, they love us. They take care of us, but have you ever had a moment when your parents look at your computer to see what you're looking at is safe? If yes, tell me down in the comments :D
Welcome Back to today's Vs. Episode
Yesterdays winner was Fall!

Today's Episode is pretty tricky!
All right the 2nd part of the Vs Series!
The winner of last battle was the Goats.

Good luck with this Vs.!
How many streets should a filly walk before you call him a filly? Yes, and how many pegasuses should a pegasus fly until he flies into Cloudsdale? Yes, and how many episodes must a brony watch before MLP is forever banned? Yes, the answer, is 'blowin in the wind. Yes, it's blowin in the wind.


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You've got quite a avatar yourself :)
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Awesome Monster Roo icon.
Mangusu is amazing~!
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Hi kid! :wave:
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So do you fancy crediting me for my work which you've used (without asking) for this plz account? :iconemoteportalplz:
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I love your avatar, where did you get it?
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